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We will work with you as your strategic partner to plan, manage and execute your relocation projects and will advise you on all aspects of your relocation. We shall endeavour to make a complex relocation as simple and as seamless as possible, as we strive to meet your requirements. Our portfolio of business as Commercial Relocation Projects includes relocation management, Office relocation, Warehousing relocation, IT and server relocation and environmental disposal as well as recycling services.

Relocation Management

Whether an individual is moving across the hall or the entire company is moving to a different building (or to a new city!), pre relocation meetings, coding and decoding of furniture, IT equipment, personal items , Office furniture and fittings, workstations & records are undertaken so that these are placed on the client’s preferred locations.

Warehouse Relocation

Warehouse relocation is a tiresome and time-consuming project. If you need to make long term plans we shall be handy. We have extensive experience in warehouse relocation and consolidation of multiple warehousing into one sector.


Businesses have all sorts of reasons for replacing office furniture or leaving it behind during relocation. Whether they simply want to upgrade the furniture, have space constraints in a new location.

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or are redesigning their office space, the solution most businesses want to know is how to get rid of their old office furniture without the hassle. Also offloading dozens, if not hundreds, of workstations can present a unique set of challenges. That is where Commercial Relocation Projects comes in. We dispose of items for recycling and destruction in accordance with environmental protection and health and safety standards. Destruction of sensitive materials is also undertaken in compliance with confidentiality and Consumer Protection.

Library Relocation

We prepare a detailed relocation plan for packing up, moving and unpacking the library’s contents (Titles shelved by genre or alphabetically in one sequence by the author’s surname). Calculating number of shelves required for each collection, allowing for items out on issue and future-proofing for new items to be added to the collections. Also we evaluate if existing shelving and accessories are adequate enough to be reused and/or new items need to be purchased.

IT Relocation

We offer high level technical expertise and care for your IT equipment relocation. Commercial Relocation Projects has the ability to relocate servers, racks, computers, phones, faxes and printers. Thorough inventory and labelling prior to disconnection and packing ensures accurate tracking and the correct allocation of equipment at the new location. Set-up, reconnection and QC testing.

Hospital/Laboratory Relocation

With expertise in laboratory, biological specimen, hospital, and chemical relocations, our specialised team, with specialised designed equipment are able to move laboratory equipment smoothly and without compromising the research status. Commercial Relocation Projects has experience handling laboratory equipment and working in laboratory environments.